Effective Dog Obedience Training Programs Will Teach Your Canine Friend The Basic and Advanced Commands

What is dog obedience training? In simple words, it’s the process in which you teach your canine good habits. There is a large array of dog obedience training out there – some basic, some advanced.  How do you know if your canine friend will be obedient?

If you’ve never done a dog obedience training program before, it’s best to start with the basic commands – sit and stay, for example – to see how your canine will handle them. If your canine friend responds positively, chances are your dog will follow other commands.

Keep in mind that even if your dog goes through the obedience training program, it doesn’t mean they’ll be automatically obedient. You may need to repeat the dog obedience training several times before it’s drilled into your canine’s head.  Repetition and love are often considered the hallmarks of successful dog obedience training programs.

The Dog Training Process

It’s important for you to understand that your dog’s handler and dog trainer will be the two people involved in the process, although it’s not uncommon for one person to both roles. Dog obedience training is just a one-time thing, and it’s done – it’s continuous process that will depend on the trainer’s skills, the training method used and your dog’s personality and demeanor.

For your dog to be effectively trained, you must have a powerful relationship with your dog. Dog obedience training programs tend to last between six and 10 weeks. In the basic section, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate with your canine friend.  You’ll learn about each command, and when they master one, they’ll learn about another.    It’s extremely important your dog can walk on a leash before new commands are introduced.

There are several standard dog obedience training commands that dog trainers around the world use – sit, stay, heel, come and down are the usual commands.  But, when it comes to the advanced commands, the most popular ones taught are – fetch, speak, roll over, leave it and stop. Be sure you know what the differences in these commands are so you can teach your dog them.

Unsure Of Where To Turn?

When it comes to putting your dog through an obedience training program, you may be unsure of where you should look. You may be confused that you’re willing to try any kind of dog obedience training program. However, this is the worst thing you can do.

First, do a little research into the reliable training programs that are available like The Online Dog Trainer. It’s an exclusive web-based dog obedience training program that provides you a clear idea of what the program is about and how you can effectively teach your dog to be obedient.

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